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What is the Live-in Caregiver Program?

The Live-in Caregiver Program is a temporary foreign worker program designed by the Canadian government to help Canadians hire foreign caregivers to live and work in their homes to care for children, the elderly or people with disabilities. This program has been long-established by the Federal Government of Canada allowing qualified caregivers from around the world to come to Canada and work as a live-in caregiver as there are not enough Canadians to fill the available positions.

There are a number of requirements that an applicant has to meet to qualify under the Live-in Caregiver Program.

1. Successfully completed Secondary/High School education equivalent to Canadian High School education. This requirement helps to ensure that participants who choose to apply for permanent residence can succeed in Canada in the general labour market.

2. Successfully completed six months of full-time caregiver training in a classroom setting. This requirement helps to ensure that the caregiver applicant possess the right knowledge and work skills to do the job.

2014 RN Nurse Placed as Live-In Caregiver (Canada)
Nationality: Jamaican

3. Ability to speak, read and understand either English or French. This requirement helps to ensure that the caregiver can function independently and communicate.

4. Employment 1 year or more: A foreign caregiver should have at least one year of formal paid work experience within the last years in order for an employer to consider them as an experienced caregiver. The applicant must show by way of employment reference letters that he or she possess the work experience required.

Live-in caregivers may receive a work permit for up to three years if they meet program requirements.

a) Type of work caregiver may do:

The caregiver must:
Work full-time in a private home.
Live with the employer.
Receive a private, furnished room within the home.
Meet Citizenship and Immigration Canada requirements for language, education and work skills necessary to function in the Canadian labour market; and refrain from working for more than one employer at a time, or for a health agency, labour contractors, in day care or in foster care.

b) Permanent Resident status:

Once the foreign caregiver has worked under the Live-in Caregiver Program for two years, he or she may complete an application for permanent resident status.

International Career Partners Ltd (ICP) began placing caregivers in Canada in March 2011 and to date has placed teachers, RNs and practical nurses, high school and college graduates, accountants and many others in live-in caregiver jobs in Ontario and other provinces in Canada.

International Career Partners Ltd (ICP) now collaborates with International Career Institute of Professional Advancement (ICIPA) for the Canadian Live-in caregiver training which is Canadian Government approved course offered in Mandeville Jamaica.

Once a student completes the course they are considered as a certified Live-in Caregiver to work not just in Canada but also to work in other countries such as Australia, UK, New Zealand etc. The trained caregiver can then choose to make a job application to ICP for possible placement in Canada.

To apply for the Canadian Live-in Caregiver Course click here. To make a job application click here.