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If you want to make a lifetime change choose Canada. Canada is positioned to accept thousands of immigrants in the coming years.


Canada is currently seeking skilled and low-skilled workers and migrants. All applicants must pass a security and criminal checks and prove that they have sufficient resources to support themselves.

The Government of Canada has re-opened its hospitality category under the Temporary Foreign Worker program.

What this means is, employers seeking hotel, restaurant, entertainment and other hospitality workers will again be able to hire foreign workers and process work permits immediately. 

There are extreme shortages of workers in some areas of Canada and as such we have been designated by our Canadian partners to source and pre-screen hospitality and other workers from Jamaica in order to fill positions.  

There are no recruitment or job placement fee charged. However, our Licensed Canadian Immigration Partners may charge a fee for their immigration and legal services to assist in the application and document preparation process for work permit and visa which can prove to be a complicated process. We work with several partners and so the fees could vary depending on the partner. 

Persons who wish to apply must have at least 1 year of work experience. 

Please be aware that we will only consider persons who can provide the following documents and payments:

  1. A detailed resume showing the positions you have held, job duties performed and clear start and end dates of employment. 
  2. Employment References from all places where you have held employment and detailed information should be written in the letter about your job duties and start and end dates of your employment with the company.
  3. Professionally dressed appearance with a pleasant smile in a full body Photograph.
  4. High or secondary school diploma and any training certificates.