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Ever Wanted To Visit Australia? 

Here’s Your Chance!

ICP currently offers a one year internship program that you can be apart of!
This program offers guaranteed work and administrative support for the whole of your time in Australia. It gives participants the chance to have a job in the Australian outback and to extend and internationalize their skills and experience.
There are various positions available to you in Australia. Live and work alongside Australians and get to know about the Australian way of life.
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Program Criteria

    • All candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 30

    • All applicants must have certificates of competence in English to at least level 4.5 IELTS or be certified by their school / university principal that they speak English to a competent level.

    • Candidates should be able to drive a manual transmission vehicle.

    • Are recent graduates that hold relevant educational / training qualifications, supported by a written reference, for any sort of work that can be done in rural and outback areas. This includes all trades.


    • Are current students who have completed at least half of their course of study and need practical experience in a rural or outback area.
Work hard where the well paid jobs are and then party in the cities and on the coast!

Persons have the opportunity to work with horses, cattle, sheep, tractors and header driving, bulldozers. They also can participate in fencing, mechanical work, chainsaw work, horse work at stables, in trail riding centres, on Host Farms, with race horses, polo ponies, campdraft horses or on cattle properties, doing bore running, yard work, maintenance and bike work with cattle and sheep.

Most opportunities fall under agriculture (horses, motorbikes, tractors, cattle, sheep) however there are other categories of work available like hospitality (pubs, roadhouses, rural resorts, farm stays and museums), teaching Distance Education and anything else that can be done in rural areas such as nursing, construction and mining.

All jobs provide free food and accommodation, so what you earn is what you can save.

Good drivers are needed for grader work, stick raking (removing bush and scrub land to make it into grazing and crop growing country) and bulldozer work. Anyone who is a truck or tractor driver can learn these skills. Very few farms have only crops, most have cattle and / or sheep as well – so that animal handling skills, the ability to ride a horse or motorbike and to repair fences and use a chain saw are essential.

Wages start at US$280 upwards per week

Jobs on cattle and sheep stations in Outback Australia are easily the most popular. Here you get first hand experience of mustering, working in the yards and looking after the animals, whether large or small, stud cattle or wilder ones, even buffalo.


Wages begin at US$280 up to US$800 per week.

Teachers, usually called Governesses or Tutors in the Australian Outback, live with the family in the homestead and teach up to three or four children. They will probably all be from the one family and their learning will all be at different stages, so it can be quite a challenge. However, everything is provided for you, books, videos, audio tapes, TV programmes and the timetable is all set out, so that all children doing the Distance Education from that centre will be doing much the same work at the same time. The difference will be that when the Station is busy school work can stop and all the children go out to help with the stockwork – lessons are then taken in the evening, at the weekends or a day later. Most outback children are very bright and want to learn – they are frequently well ahead of their school-going contemporaries once they get to boarding school – usually at the age of thirteen.

School Terms

These are usually ten weeks in duration and there are four terms in each school year. Roughly (it varies from State to State).

Term 1 – end January to Easter

Term 2 – after Easter until mid June

Term 3 – early July until mid September

Term 4 – early October to mid December

Most parents like to keep to these dates as far as possible so that they fit in with Distance Education Camps and Get Together – where the children get the chance to work and play with those of their own age in a group learning environment.

Wages begin at US$280 and upwards per week.

For those with hospitality qualifications and interests there are many jobs in the rural sector. No job is just one thing, so if you decide to work in an outback pub you will find yourself doing everything from cleaning to cooking, bar work to gardening!

The options are:

Outback Pubs – working in the bar, kitchen, cleaning the rooms and anything else that needs to be done. At peak times of the year these jobs are sometimes available a couple or two friends.

Outback roadhouses – working behind the counter, serving fuel, cooking steak sandwiches, cleaning, gardening, painting and anything else that needs to be done.

Chefs and cooks are in short supply in the outback and are thus very well paid. Those with these skills and qualifications can expect to get the highest pay, whether you are working in a pub or roadhouse (on an hourly wage) or on a cattle or sheep station (weekly wage from US$280- US$1000 per week).

You could be a Station Cook on an Outback Station, catering for up to 20 people, or you could be a Camp Cook, miles out in the bush – first making a hole, filling it with stones, collecting wood, lighting a fire and THEN using your culinary skills!